How do I set bilingual or multilingual blogger ?

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  1. With the help of multilingual website, they can reach to non- English audience also.

    Multilingual web sites

  2. Cem Ulger says:

    Yes you are right. That was my aim too. This will also increase the traffic. Thanks for the link.

  3. I'm using your tutorial to set up my new blog. It was very helpful! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  4. Cem Ulger says:

    Good to hear that it helps.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hello! This is very useful!

    Are readers' comments separated by language or all visible on the same page?

  6. Cem Ulger says:

    Unfortunately not. These language distinctive feature doen't apply to comments. Comment readers should be bilingual or read the comments in his/her native language.

  7. Rico says:

    Nice idea my friend!! very smart indeed!

  8. pepus says:

    I'll try as soon as I can. Brilliant !

  9. Thank you so much for your help. You guys, who post tips like this for free should really get your prize in heavens 😀

  10. David says:

    Hi and thanks for this great tip I'm using on my multilingual blog. However, I recently have trouble on mobile/android (…/?m=1) which says ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS (though it used to work fine). Anyone may help ?!

  11. Ben Viatte says:

    Perfect, worked! Instead of going in the html though on the last step, I simply chose the new page settings to redirect, and redirected it to the search parameters.

    Thanks a lot!

  12. Abi ben şu son kısmı anlamdım ya…Search for the link item derken neyi kastediyorsunuz?
    Now your main page with the selected language is ready. Final issue is to set the second language. You should use one of the menu link on your theme for this. Then go to blogger, Template, Edit HTML. HTML codes will be visible. Search for the Link item you want to use. Replace this link with the language identifier. And give the link with the search label parameter. Your HTML code line should look like this.
    Same idea as we made with redirection. When mouse lick on this link only posts with TR labels will be rendered. – See more at:

  13. Winny Wu says:

    Hi I am trying to use your tutorial to do a multi language blog, but my computer is in Chinese so my blogger is in chinese too, making it hard to follow your instructions. Do you think you can please make an instruction video or with more pictures? I am not very good with computer but I can only seem to find your blog who teaches me what I want to achieve…Thank you!

  14. Ajax Edgar says:

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  16. pinky das says:

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  17. Cem Ulger says:

    So sorry for the late answer. Playing with the source code on the blogger is a sensitive issue. Deleting one more character from the source code can cause such message. Particularly single quotation marks. Be careful. And I suggest you to take a backup or a copy of the code into a text editor to be on the safe. So you can recover the original state when you have a trouble. Good Luck.

  18. Cem Ulger says:

    "Search for the link" derken HTML kodun içerisinde ikinci dil olarak isimlendirdiğin butonu veya kelimeyi aramayı kastediyorum. Örneğin "TÜRKÇE". Bu kelimenin olduğu yerde yukarıda belirtildiği gibi düzenleme yapabilirsin.

  19. Cem Ulger says:

    More than video, HTML knowledge is more helpful. Because main idea is to play with the HTML codes. If you are not familiar with HTML coding, I suggest you to get help from someone else. Thanks.

  20. Hi everyone..I started posting using 2 language in it; written in english and indonesian in one post.This is another option which is I think the best. you dont need to have another blog. but is it okay for SEO?? thanks..

    referring post:

  21. LosMatrix says:

    I would suggest – use the LosMatrix. It's top class multilingual social network and blog..

  22. Dickson says:

    Thanks for the great sharing.

  23. Thank you so much, that's indeed very helpful. Does it work for three languages as well?

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  25. If I follow the steps you suggest, won't the second language posts show up on the homepage? I mean, the main language on my website is English, and when visitors enter my website I would like them to see the English posts only, not the other posts in the second language also.
    For example, my website (url example) shows the English language posts only, but if people enter visitors would see the Portuguese posts – but both of the urls within the same blog account and the same traffic running for the same account, which follows the steps that you suggest.

    I hope I was clear enough and I'm looking forward to hear from you. 🙂

  26. Masud Rana says:

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  27. Cem Ulger says:

    This is exactly how it works. First select one language as default language. Then make the changes in blogger site in the SEARCH LABEL part. This will be the default language label. So both language posts will not be visible. Let say you selected English as default language and made the settings in blogger. If someone write , blogger will redirect it as automatically.

  28. Cem Ulger says:

    Yes it may work for 3 or more languages. But you should repeat the steps explained above once again for other languages as well. On the other hand you should find a web site template to support 3 class. It may be 3 lines or 3 frame etc. Or you should make a customisation on an available web template. It is not a straightforward process that can be achieved easily.

  29. Cem Ulger says:

    You're welcome.

  30. Urmimala says:

    Sounds easy. I'll try.

  31. Thank you so so so so much, going to try it in my blog for polish english and portuguese. We will see if I could get there.

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  34. nancy john says:

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  35. Thank you for this tutorial..I was searching for a solution for blogger..I will try it on my blog:
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  36. Wow Great advice Cem, thanks a lot and congratulations, you blog is amazing !!!

  37. Cem Ulger says:

    I'm glad to hear that. Thanks Ricardo.

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  39. Hello Cen,
    I liked your approach, I´m just starting with my blog. One doubt: how to handle the language switching for othe thing apart form post? (like Gadgets Titles, textbox, etc)
    Thank you

  40. Robiul says:

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  44. Sarah Z. says:


    Thanks for your blogspot and tutorial. I was searching a way to have my posts in french and in english for quite some times now. Until now, I had both french and english in my posts and I think it can be a bit confusing for the readers.
    Now I set the "french" page and the "english" page. But I have some trouble so that's why I'm writing to you!
    When I am clicking on my header or writing my classique url ( I am always on my home page with both of my articles (english, and french). Is there a way to "cancel" this redirection to homepage where both of the language are available ?

    Best regards,

  45. Nicholas says:

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  46. Cool stuff. Interesting to read.

  47. Dear Cem,

    great article, thnx! My only question: how can my readers reach the transleted content on my blog – with one click only? I plan to blog in on elanguage only, but I need translations to my pages.

    Thank your for your answer,

  48. Ed Roy says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  49. Ed Roy says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  50. Cem Ulger says:

    Dear Balazs,
    There are several translation tools as an extension to the blogs. These are called as gadgets or widgets based on your blog platform. Please search for a translation tool for the content translation. Although they are not 100% correct for the translation, reader can still understand about the content. I hope I could help. Thx. Cem

  51. Cem Ulger says:

    Dear Sarah,
    Sorry for late answer. You must have the same content with two different pages. One in French the other in English. By default your HTML codes should address just one language as main language Let say FR=French. And pages labelled as FR will come one after the other.

  52. Cem Ulger says:

    Dear Genardus,
    You should have two links for two languages in your main page or on the header. And by default one language labelled pages must come when someone browse your domain.

  53. Catherine says:

    Thank you! This is very useful. But now the link Older Posts does not work. When we click on it, the page 404 appears. How to fix the link? Thank you

  54. Thanks Cem,

    I've tried it and wonder if we can use separate labels? Because at first I've got different labels on my post, such as Stories, Thoughts, etc. And when I add language labels (EN and ID), it becomes too many labels. Can I still use both type of labels in separate area of my blog page?

    I also not understand about what you wrote :
    "Now your main page with the selected language is ready. Final issue is to set the second language. You should use one of the menu link on your theme for this. Then go to blogger, Template, Edit HTML. HTML codes will be visible. Search for the Link item you want to use. Replace this link with the language identifier. And give the link with the search label parameter. Your HTML code line should look like this (—) Same idea as we made with redirection. When mouse lick on this link only posts with TR labels will be rendered."
    What's the function of this instruction? And I can't found the link that I need to replace.
    Thank you.


  55. Very useful. Thank you.

  56. Thanks for explaining how to do this. i know of people who have WordPress blogs that are in two languages. I certainly know of many indivudals who have Blogger blogs and would need the info you have shared here.

  57. Brad John says:

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  58. Anonymous says:

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  59. its mean i have make 2 post ? Cool

  60. Kurt Meister says:

    Cool! Simple solution and easy to install. Thanks 🙂

  61. Hi,
    thanks for this help, but now I have an "ugly" problem. my homepage shows a string saying something like "showing all posts with IT label – show all posts".
    Is there any way to hide this string? otherwise i can't use this method…

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  65. Thank you very much for this write up. I finally have my blog in two languages but then lost all of my pages and I can not seen to re-install them (the 2nd cross column option in blogger seems unavailable to me) is there a way of getting around this?

  66. Raksha says:

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  67. I already have a blog set up at and would like to make it bilingual, en/it. I will do the translations myself. How do I insert for example the translation of the header (only 500 characters allowed)? I have to create a separate page, is that correct? And how do I insert the little flags at the top of the page to choose which languageto view the blog and its elements (pages, header, etc.)? Please help.

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  70. Pia says:

    Are you able to help – how to I apply the same process to the 'pages' – as we've used blogger to create a few simple pages that I want to appear in English or in Spanish depending on the user?

  71. Kiran Kumar says:

    I hope there will be problem for blogs displaying adsence ads.

  72. nancy john says:

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  73. john smith says:

    Great Idea ! we have seen many sites build on different languages,sometimes it is difficult to work with those websites,but its good if a site can create using multiple languages.

  74. I created a bilingual blog using a table on my blog at I did the translation from French to English.

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  77. How to set up in French? Can you give me the HTML for french?

  78. How to set up in French? Can you give me the HTML for french?

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  80. I've just found an idea for the problem you written as follow:

    "In this solution, gadgets, image buttons will be only in one language. These details are not replaced with selected language and kept in original language. – See more at:"

    as we know that blogger has a feature to hide any gadget/widget in certain condition, by editing its HTML code in HTLM editing box.
    you can make two gadgets with different language base for each gadget you required such as: recent posts, popular posts, featured posting, etc.
    and you set it only appears when the page browser with search/label/EN or TR.
    Second step is to create fully different labels for each language base in each posting. this to prevent your postings with different language appear in one page for label navigation.

    so that your page can be fully changed to another language.

    hopefully my idea can help you all guys to improve your website/blog.

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  86. Miki Ella says:

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  93. Jun Liang says:

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  101. thanks for the post i have 2 blogs for free programs and one is arabic and the uther is english it has the same postes but in english i need to link thim together to make the visitor choise between thim can i make a button or something like this and how can i do that step by step please

  102. First of all thanks CEM

    I want some help. How to get complete Posts URLs in blogger.


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  104. Cem Ulger says:

    I have also explained how to do a bilingual or multilingual WordPress site in another blog post. Check it out at

  105. Cem Ulger says:

    Thanks for your comment. It is a pleasure for me to share my idea and experiences with my blog visitors.

  106. Cem Ulger says:

    Yes this is true. If you have two language structure you need to make two different posts for each language. The advantage is both posts in languages are natural. Not a mechanical or incorrect translation.

  107. Cem Ulger says:

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  108. Cem Ulger says:

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  109. Cem Ulger says:

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  110. Cem Ulger says:

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  117. Cem Ulger says:

    Yes it works with 2 or more than 2 labels. You should add these labels separately to your posts. When you click the "EN-Travel" link, then your search will be something like
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